Sewer Availability Charge (SAC) Fees

The Building Code Department (BCD) is responsible for collecting Sewer Availability Charge (SAC) fees at the time of building permit issuance. A Metropolitan Council Environmental Service (MCES) Determination Letter must be received by the BCD before issuance of the building permit for all new construction, remodeled and demolished buildings, where there is change in the demand for sewage service. It is the responsibility of the Project Architect or Engineer to prepare the SAC Determination Application Form for each project.

For more information on the SAC process, see the SAC Procedure Manual.

Sewer Availability Charge Requirements

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Will BCD Issue a Permit Before the SAC Letter Is Received?

The Building Code Department will NOT issue a permit before the SAC letter is received. The Building Codes Department encourages you to submit your SAC determination application as early as possible.

When Is a SAC Determination Letter Required?

The Building Code Department, along with the University Project Professional, will decide if a SAC determination letter is required at the onset of a project. See the Metropolitan Council's flyer for more information on which projects require SAC determinations.

How Much Will I Have to Pay for SAC Fees?

The Metropolitan Council's SAC Estimation Tool can help you estimate your SAC fees. The Building Code Department can also assist with the estimation for budgeting purposes.

How Do I Complete the University of Minnesota's SAC Determination Process?

The Building Code Department (BCD) requires the SAC application be submitted to BCD prior to submittal to the Metropolitan Council. The Metropolitan Council's SAC Determination Form can be emailed or mailed to BCD. 

Which Documents Are Required for a SAC Determination?

The requirements for SAC applications are provided on the SAC Application Form under the Instructions & Checklist section.