Director's Update: Spring 2023

Stories This Good Need to Be Told: Acknowledging our Collective
Accomplishments in Service to our Communities

Person blowing stream of confetti from hands

Those of us who have chosen careers in public health are often a humble bunch. That is also true of those who work in most health fields, and volunteers in general. It may be no surprise, then, that we often end one project and move on to the next challenge without reflection. Correction: We reflect on what we could have done better, then we move on to the next project. We are not terribly good at acknowledging our accomplishments.

The Health Emergency Response Office team is no exception. Although we are approaching our 20 year anniversary, neither our department nor our largest program, the University of Minnesota Medical Reserve Corps (MRC), has ever published an annual report. Until now. Stories this good need to be told. Stories about people from different disciplines coming together to help others. Stories of fulfilling a dual mission of campus and community support. Stories of stepping up to match the needs of the healthcare system and the needs of students as they continue their professional education during a pandemic.

In addition to our first ever annual report highlighting key efforts of the University of Minnesota MRC in 2022, we have also compiled a special report on our earlier efforts related to COVID-19.  They both tell stories about the commitment of our talented, dedicated, and humble members. It’s time to celebrate their collective accomplishments. The entire HERO team is so very grateful for their service.

Jill DeBoer, Director
Health Emergency Response Office
[email protected]

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