Director's update: Spring 2014

Calling all community organizers: A toolkit is now available to help you create an emergency plan for your building or department.

Team members holding interlocking pieces of a puzzle

The central Department of Emergency Management has called for the development of a Building Emergency Plan for each building on campus through a participatory process with building occupants. Not surprisingly, many of us do not have a sense of “community” in our building. This is a reflection of the size of our spaces and the nature of our work. I have worked in the Mayo Building for 12 years and would be hard pressed to create an accurate list of the other departments in my building. Honestly, I’m not sure I could list the departments in my hallway. Often in the health sciences, it’s even difficult to know where one building ends and the next building begins. Although the creation of building-wide plans is best, we are making a toolkit available for use by departments or portions of buildings (floors, wings, etc.) where there is interest. (If your building is covered by AHC Research Building Management Services, check with them, as a plan may already be completed or in development for your building.). The following materials are available on the Building Emergency Plans page for those who are interested in working on plans:

  1. Building Emergency Plan template
  2. Building Emergency Plan checklist
  3. Building profile data elements
  4. Building profile data elements - example
  5. Building Emergency Plan committee recruitment
  6. Building Emergency Plan project description

For more information about Building Emergency Plans, contact Elaine Collison, Deputy Director, Office of Emergency Response, [email protected].

Jill DeBoer, Director
Academic Health Center Office of Emergency Response
[email protected]

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