Behavioral Health Response Strike Team

The Behavioral Health Response Strike Team provides mental health support to survivors, emergency responders, and the larger community in the event of a disaster.

The principal focus of this strike team is to minimize the harmful psychological effects of stress and trauma on surviving individuals and families immediately following a disaster. All team members receive specialized training, including Psychological First Aid training.

Team Leads: Tai Mendenhall and ThanhVan Vu

Team Member Roles and Responsibilities

Team Member Roles

  1. Provide behavioral health support to general public or target groups during MRC deployments including but not limited to:
    • Point of Dispensing/Mass Dispensing Site
    • Staff Staging Areas
    • Campus/Family Assistance Centers
    • Off campus deployment sites
    • Other
  2. Provide support to MRC members during and after deployments

Team Member Responsibilities

  1. Training
  2. Stay Current on MRC Activities by reading MRC monthly newsletters
  3. Attend 1-2 team meetings a year

Team Member Time Commitment

  • Attend a minimum of 1 team meeting per year (1 hour in length) 
  • Time commitment during actual responses/deployments will vary
  • Participate in drills and exercises when available
  • Participate in MRC deployments when available
  • Attend Psychological First Aid Training (1 ½ hours (in-person) or view online version)
  • View on-line training modules listed above (1 hour for each module)