Veterinary Medicine Response Team
Two strike team members treating a dog.

Veterinarians, veterinary technicians, and veterinary medicine students’ skills and experience make them a most valuable resource during public health disasters and emergencies impacting animals as well as humans. 

Potential Veterinary Medicine Response Team deployment roles include, but are not limited to, vaccinating “at risk” animals, providing public information via a phone bank in conjunction with a local animal board of health, participating in disease investigation (surveillance/trace backs), depopulating farms and assisting with the sheltering of animals. Members of this response team have the option of participating in public health emergencies affecting humans as logistics support personnel, vaccinators (dependent on training and licensure), ushers, or registration staff.

Team Leads: Vickie Skala and Michelle Willette

Team Member Responsibilities

  1. Training
  2. Stay Current on MRC Activities by reading MRC monthly newsletters

Team Membership Requirements

Members of this team must be affiliated with the College of Veterinary Medicine or the University's Veterinary Medicine Center

Team Member Time Commitment

  • Attend a minimum of 1 team meeting per year (1hour in length)
  • Participate in drills and exercises when available
  • Participate in MRC deployments when available
  • Assist with training events when available
  • View on-line training modules listed above: 45 minutes for each module