COVID-19 Rapid Response Saliva Testing Team

As part of the University’s layered approach to COVID-19 testing, the U of M MRC developed a COVID-19 Rapid Response Saliva Testing Team. This team will be responsible for conducting COVID-19 saliva testing in the event of:

  • Newly identified cluster of cases on campus
  • An outbreak of cases related to an identifiable group and/or location on campus

Team members will: 

  • Deploy as a team under the guidance of a team lead
  • Bring saliva test kits to the individuals/groups connected to the outbreak or cluster
  • Observe individuals providing their saliva sample
  • Follow safe protocols for handling and delivery of samples to the COVID testing lab
  • Be provided appropriate personal protective equipment


  • Registration Clerk: Welcome and register individuals to be tested
  • Saliva Test Observer: Instruct individuals on saliva test process and observe proper collection of saliva sample
  • Logistics Support Staff: Responsible for site set up and supplies

Position Checklists

Team Member Requirements:  

  • Has completed mandatory online HIPAA training (Link to HIPAA Training)
  • Is willing to participate in a mandatory, 30-minute online training session on saliva testing
  • Non-medical and medical members are encouraged to join this team
  • Available within 24-hours notice to deploy to testing site


  • On an as needed basis (emergence of a cluster of cases or outbreaks) throughout the fall semester
  • Anticipated shifts for this team are dependent on the size of the cluster and the number of individuals identified as needing testing
  • Anticipated length of shifts will range from 2 to 4 hours

Scheduling: To Be Determined

  • Anticipated length of shifts will range from 2 to 4 hours
  • Testing hours will fall between 8am to 7pm seven days a week and will be determined by the size of the outbreak


  • U of M Twin Cities Campus


Applications for membership Rapid Response Saliva Testing Team have been placed on hold as of January 2023.