Prion & PLP Waste Disposal

The following procedures are to be followed for disposing of prion or PLP waste. Other methods of waste disposal must first be approved by the Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC).

Non-Tissue Solid Waste (Includes Animal Bedding)

  • Place waste in yellow biohazard bag
  • Place in yellow biohazard barrel for incineration
  • Call Facilities Management (5-6481) to arrange to have a yellow barrel delivered to the lab and for pickup/replacement of yellow barrels

Liquid Waste

  • If you generate large volumes of liquid prion waste, you may contact the Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory (VDL) to make arrangement for disposal in the tissue digester.
  • Treat with NaOH for a final concentration of 2 N NaOH or treat with final concentration of 2% sodium hypochlorite (20,000 ppm available chlorine) and hold for 1 hour. Neutralize with an acid until pH is between 5 and 8 and dispose of down the drain or hold for chemical hazardous waste disposal.
  • Autoclave using an autoclave safe container at 132°C for 1 hour and dispose of down the drain.

Sharps and Histology Slides

Place sharps in a puncture-proof yellow sharps container for incineration. When container is no more than ¾ full, close and seal the container. Place container in a yellow waste bag for incineration.
Note: Small quantities of sharps may be placed in other small, sealed, puncture-proof containers and put in the yellow waste bag.

Infected Animal Carcasses and Tissue

Dispose of all infected carcasses and tissue in the tissue digester located at the Veterinary Diagnostic Lab on the St. Paul campus. See the Animal Tissue and Carcass Disposal Fact Sheet for more information.