BCD: Our Mission, Purpose, Values, and Goals

Our Mission

To protect the health, welfare, and safety of University of Minnesota students, employees and visitors in the built environment through education and code enforcement.

Our Purpose

To assure compliance with the Minnesota State Building Code (MSBC).

Our Values

In support of the BCD mission and goals, and to achieve increased operational efficiencies, effectiveness, and excellence in our activities;  WE value open, respectful, and professional business relationships where cooperation produces responsive, accountable, and consistent outcomes that are reflective of the integrity of the systems, processes, and people that are responsible for designing, constructing, regulating, and sustaining the physical environment at the University of Minnesota.

  • Professionalism: Be an expert at your work and professional in your conduct 
  • Accountability: Our decisions are able to be explained. We are responsible to one another.
  • Consistency: Holding firmly together, adhering to the same
  • Integrity: Ethical principles and honesty, and avoid conflict of interest

Our Goals

  • Customer Service: Automated, timely, effective  and helpful  service
  • Consistency and Uniformity: Clear, understandable  and transparent  code enforcement
  • Safe Buildings: Thorough and knowledgeable application of the code
  • System-wide Partnerships: Productive, collaborative and respectful partnerships