Lab & Research Safety: About Us

The role of the Laboratory and Research Safety program is to influence and facilitate continuous improvement in the area of safety performance in the research community. We do this by developing management systems, tools, and metrics that drive the integration of safe work practices into normal university operations.


  • Develop centralized processes and safety management systems to assist Colleges and Departments to fulfill their safety responsibilities.
  • Provide technical resources and expertise to Colleges and Departments to help facilitate continuous safety improvement.
  • Conduct periodic inspections and audits to verify implementation of safety management systems and safe work practices.
  • Maintain written safety performance expectations and guidance in the form of a Chemical Hygiene Plan or other written materials and programs.
  • Provide educational information and training assistance to Departments and Colleges relative to hazard identification and safe work practice.
  • Participate on and provide guidance to safety committees or other safety improvement mechanisms.
  • Identify and share best practices across Departments and Colleges.
  • Influence systems changes within the research community and Health, Safety, and Risk Management to support continuous improvement.