Closing a Lab with Controlled Substances

Abandonment of controlled substances is a violation of the DEA guidelines.

To close a laboratory that contains controlled substances:

  • Dispose of all controlled substances following the directions on the DEHS Controlled Substance Disposal website. Keep the substances locked in the safe until they are picked up for disposal.
  • If there is no other Unit laboratory in the same building, cancel the DEA registration. The DEA registrant will need to send a letter to the Minneapolis DEA Office requesting cancellation of the DEA registration and telling them of the drug disposal. Include in the letter the name of the Unit Registrant, the DEA registration number and expiration date, lab/building address, effective date of cancellation, and Social Security number. 
  • If applicable, send all unused DEA Forms 222 to the Minneapolis DEA Office via certified or registered mail. In your cover letter to the DEA, list the unique numbers on the Forms 222 and save a copy of the letter in your controlled substances records. 
  • Notify DEHS that the laboratory is no longer using controlled substances for research.