BCD: About Us

The University of Minnesota has its own building code department within Health, Safety, and Risk Management. We contribute to the mission of ensuring a safe University community through regulatory compliance with the Minnesota State Building Code (MSBC). The University’s Building Code Department is the “authority having jurisdiction” to administer the State construction and food codes system wide in accordance with the rules, regulations and laws adopted by the State of Minnesota.  We assure regulatory compliance with the Minnesota State Building Code (MSBC) and the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) rules related to environmental health, food, pools and lodging.

The department’s mission is to protect the health, welfare and safety of University of Minnesota students, employees and visitors in the built environment through education and code enforcement. The BCD has code jurisdiction on all University campuses or property owned or leased by the University. 

The University BCD provides all of the permit, plan review, inspection, and code related support services applicable to designing, constructing, occupying and using all University facilities. We are the permitting and enforcement authority for all building, plumbing, septic, health, mechanical, electrical, fire and low pressure steam system work. The State of Minnesota maintains authority for high pressure steam systems, elevator installations, and contractor licensing and bonding. The BCD serves as the liaison with other outside regulatory agencies on code issues that affect the design, construction, and occupancy of University facilities.

All construction projects will need to comply with the current edition of the MSBC. Design professionals are encouraged to contact the BCD staff early in the design process. Final construction documents will need to be reviewed and approved for code compliance prior to construction. Construction change orders and responses to requests for information will generally need to be reviewed for code compliance prior to construction implementation. The University Building Code Department can be reached by phone at (612) 625-3318. 

It’s exciting to be a part of the challenges and opportunities that present themselves in each new building, remodel or tenant finish project. The application of the codes to the built environment is part of that challenge. Staying focused on the mission and applying the codes judiciously will assure that the campus facilities where we live, work and play are safe and sustainable.   

Jim Hilgendorf, Building Official
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