Other Regulatory Requirements

The University’s Building Code Department is the “authority having jurisdiction” to administer all State construction, health and food codes system-wide in accordance with the rules, regulations, and laws as adopted by the State of Minnesota. We contribute to the HSRM mission of advancing a safe University community through regulatory enforcement of the Minnesota State Building Code (MSBC) and the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) rules related to environmental health, food, pools and lodging, water quality and septic systems. The University of Minnesota is defined in State statute 326B as a municipality and the Building Code Department (BCD) is the regulatory liaison with other outside regulatory agencies on issues that affect design, construction and occupancy of University facilities.

The agencies listed below are outside regulators that either oversee and regulate our profession or are agencies we deal with on a routine basis in carrying out the duties of a municipality.

Other Minnesota Statutes and Rules Applicable to the University of Minnesota

MN Statutes 326B.112 Minnesota Bleacher Safety Act
MN Rule 7080 Subsurface Sewage Treatment Systems (SSTS) 
Bonding requirements for mechanical contractors
Licensing requirements for plumbing contractors
Licensing requirements for electrical contractors

State of Minnesota Jurisdiction Rules and Regulations

MN Rule 1307 Elevators and Related Devices (ASME A17.1-2016)
MN Rule 5230 High Pressure Piping

Additional Resources

State Agencies

National Organizations

  • International Code Council
    • Promulgation of the International Family of Codes
    • Public Hearings for the National Code Change Process
    • Teaching and Learning

Standards Organizations

University of Minnesota

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