Request for Alternate Materials, Design, and Methods of Construction and Equipment


In accordance with Minnesota Rule part 1300.0110, Subpart 13, any alternate material, design, or method of construction shall be submitted to the building official for review.

Submission Requirements

A completed alternate request must document how the design complies with the intent of the code, and how the material, method, or work is at least equivalent to that prescribed in the code in quality, strength, effectiveness, fire resistance, durability, and safety.


A completed alternate design request must be submitted in writing to the Building Official and should include the following information:

  1. The name of project, project number and site location.
  2. An overview statement that summarizes why the proposed alternate is being requested.
  3. List of the specific code data for the building or structure: including type of construction, occupancy classification, number of stories, floor area, occupant load, fire sprinkler status and other features relevant to the issue.
  4. Cite the applicable code(s) and/or standard(s) describing how each applies to this building.
  5. Explain how this alternate complies with the intent of the code.
  6. Describe how this alternate material, method, or work is at least the equivalent of that prescribed in the code in quality, strength, effectiveness, fire-resistance, durability, and safety.
  7. List any foreseen difficulties which may hinder the compliance with the specific code application noted in item 4.
  8. Elaborate on each and include details regarding costs, hardships, technical difficulty, and/or impracticality of literal code compliance.
  9. Assemble the specifics of the alternate being proposed. Include supporting technical details, all applicable test results, product listing, or alternate compliance standards and necessary plans.
  10. Sign and date the written request. The request must be submitted by the architect or engineer of record if the alternate is a modification of an original licensed design. Work prepared by consultants may be used as reference in the alternate design request.