Volunteer Applications and Orientation

UMEMS holds at least two orientation sessions for new volunteer EMTs each year. Once in fall and once in winter/spring.

At the time of application, one must be certified as a MN Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT), current in BLS CPR, have a valid driver's license and all volunteers must be able to commit to a minimum of 1 year of active service. To be an active member, you must commit to a number of events/shifts and team meetings per quarter. NOTE: International Students who do not have a driver’s license may be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Applications to volunteer can be submitted at any time. Applicants will be contacted for interviews in August for fall orientation and January for winter/spring orientation. To apply please complete our volunteer application form.

University of Minnesota EMS Volunteers provide emergency medical care to people at a number of scheduled events on the University of Minnesota- Twin Cities campus. We may be helping, fans, coaches, players or others attending events on campus. In addition, as a part of the Department of Emergency Management, UMEMS members may be called upon to assist local EMS agencies in times of disaster. Volunteer EMTs may also assist UMEMS staff in teaching CPR, First Aid or even EMT class sections.

To volunteer for UMEMS, you must be an EMT or Paramedic, certified with the Minnesota Emergency Medical Services Regulatory Board (EMSRB). You must commit to a minimum number of events/hours per quarter, as well as participation in Team Meetings/Training.

UMEMS offers many benefits to its volunteers:

  • Continuing education and refresher courses
  • Event food vouchers
  • Free parking while working events
  • Opportunities to gain experience and teach EMS

As a volunteer, your time at UMEMS is logged with the Minnesota EMSRB, qualifying you for service credit toward the Cooper-Sams Volunteer Ambulance Award. Each service credit (per year) is currently valued at $447.19. Upon at least age 50 and resignation from volunteer EMS in Minnesota, and with at least 5 service credits, you can claim this award in a lump-sum payment.

If you are not a certified EMT and would like to become certified, please check out our upcoming courses.

Frequently Asked Questions for UMEMS Volunteers