Exposure Monitoring

Industrial Hygiene is the art and science devoted to the prevention of occupational illness. Health hazards can lead to disease and illness that may be symptomatic either immediately after exposure, or after a long period of time after the exposure has stopped. Since these diseases are a consequence of exposure to hazards present in the workplace, they are known as occupational diseases. 

Industrial Hygiene practitioners use a process of exposure identification and evaluation following the established principles of anticipation, identification, evaluation, and control. The goal of the process is to find a solution that will eliminate or reduce the hazard, and then evaluate the solution to ensure there are no further health effects.

This process is an exposure assessment. It focuses on the relationship between health hazards (e.g., chemical, physical, radiation, and biological agents) and people. The goal is to identify the properties of contaminants, the likely route and duration of exposure, and dose that will produce a health effect.

Services We Provide

  • Occupational exposure assessments
  • Industrial Hygiene sampling and data analysis
  • Recommendation for methods to reduce exposures such as engineering controls, work practices, or PPE