Safe Return to Work

The following FAQs are intended to provide some general guidance to common safety related questions that employees might encounter in the work environment. Information on this site will update frequently as the COVID-related guidelines and protocols evolve with the changing face of the pandemic.  

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Student with Positive COVID Cases

If you have questions about what to do if students tests positive for COVID or shows symptoms, see the Provost's Guidance on Student Positive Cases.

Faculty or Staff with Positive COVID-19 Cases

If you have questions about what to do if you are a staff or faculty member and test positive for COVID or shows symptoms, see the Safe Campus site for guidance.

Interacting with Coworkers and Guests

What do I do if I think my coworker is ill and at work?

It is every employee’s responsibility to monitor their own health status and to stay home if feeling unwell. If you have concerns that team members are not following this guidance, you should contact your supervisor. Safety concerns can also be submitted via the Safety Concern Form or by contacting Health, Safety, and Risk Management at 612-626-6002.

Who do I talk to if I notice an unsafe work practice and the person engaged in this behavior is my supervisor?

Safety concerns can also be submitted via the Safety Concern Form or by contacting Health, Safety, and Risk Management at 612-626-6002.

What if my coworker returns from travel and does not quarantine?

Travel guidance continues to evolve and we recommend that employees check with CDC for updated information. Currently, the CDC recommends delaying travel until you are fully vaccinated. Once vaccinated, an employee does not need to get tested before or after travel or quarantine unless their destination requires it. 

I am responsible for the care of a dependent family member who cannot be vaccinated. Who do I contact about flexible work options and/or family medical leave?

Oftentimes, the Disability Resource Center (DRC) will consult with an employee in very specific situations where family medical leave (FML) is needed for their own serious health condition. However, the DRC does not consult when FML is needed for the care of a family member. For these scenarios, local HR will work directly with the employee to advise on FML and other leave entitlements that might be available. For more information on the accommodation resources, see the DRC's COVID Accommodation Information page.

Cleaning and Disinfection

Will Facilities Management provide higher frequency cleanings than before COVID?

Facilities Management will continue to focus on cleaning high touch point areas around campus and maintain the Maroon Standard. See the Facilities Management Sunrise Support page for more information.

What recommendations should departments consider to manage employee hoteling space in terms of hygiene, cleaning, and spacing? 

Departments, units, and offices should clean high-contact surfaces using commercially available products, such as Clorox wipes, bleach solutions, etc.  See Cleaning Work Areas Occupied by a COVID-19 Case for information on keeping your space clean.

Face Coverings

If I am fully vaccinated, do I still need to wear a mask?

In some situations, yes. See the University’s Face Coverings Protocol for specific guidance.

Can vented face coverings, including vented N-95s, be used for personal protection?

Vented face coverings do not provide community protection and cannot be used when a face covering requirement is in place. See the University’s Face Coverings Protocol for areas where mask requirements are still in effect.

Indoor Ventilation and Air Quality

Who can I call for an air quality test?

For concerns related to indoor air quality, reach out to your local Health, Safety, and Risk Management contact by emailing [email protected] or calling (612) 626-6002. More information can be found on the Health, Safety, and Risk Management website.

Can employees open windows to provide greater ventilation during the summer?

If you have windows that are physically operable, you may open windows during the summer months. However, make sure the windows are closed and locked at the end of the workday.

Can I bring my own fan or filtration system to the office?

In most cases, this is allowable. If the fan or filtration unit requires a special power supply (ex. 208/220V), it is unlikely the unit will be permitted.

Occupancy, Room Configuration, and Partitions

How are occupancy rules changing as more people return to in-person work?

Visit COVID-19 Updates | Safe Campus for current guidelines and future updates.

When will furniture be returned to general meeting areas?

Most requirements for occupancy limits and physical distancing were lifted on May 28th, 2021. Facilities Management will begin to return furniture to a variety of spaces across campus in summer 2021.

Who should I call if I want to install clear partitions?

For questions related to adding clear partitions, refer to the Health, Safety, and Risk Management website for more information. If you would like to have existing partitions removed, contact your FM Building Manager or the FM Call Center at (612) 624-2900. 

Signage and Stickers

When can we remove directional or restrictive signage from around buildings?

Facilities Management staff will be responsible for taking down signage as appropriate.

If you see a sign that is out of date, request non-emergency services via FM's Self-Service form, send an email to the FM Call Center ([email protected]), or call 4-2900.

Can I remove the social distancing floor stickers in my area? 

Facilities Management teams will be responsible for removing these with other signage when it is appropriate to do so. 

Can building occupants post their own signage in public areas?

To avoid misleading and conflicting information, building occupants are not allowed to post their own signage in public areas. Building management will take down signs that are not approved for University-wide use.


Visit COVID-19 Updates | Safe Campus for current guidelines and future updates.

Where to Get Vaccinated

University students, faculty and staff on the Twin Cities campus can be vaccinated against COVID-19 by visiting Boynton Health