Hazardous Materials Shipping

The shipment of hazardous materials (see the general Transportation Hazard Classes listed below), whether by ground or air, domestic or international, is a highly regulated activity that requires specific procedures and training. The most common activities that require the shipment of hazardous materials at the University include the shipment of research samples to other research institutions, or diagnostic/clinical samples to a laboratory for testing. Some examples of hazardous materials include items such as:

  • Laboratory chemicals (including research samples)
  • Biological materials
  • Dry ice
  • Diagnostic or clinical samples
  • Radioactive or biological materials
  • Equipment or instruments that contain hazardous materials such as a lithium battery or compressed gas cylinder

Transportation Hazard Classes

Class 1Explosives
Class 2Compressed Gas
Class 3Flammable Liquids
Class 4Flammable Solids
Class 5Oxidizers
Class 6Toxic Materials & Infectious Agents
Class 7Radioactive Materials
Class 8Corrosives
Class 9Miscellaneous


DEHS can assist either by performing the shipment (service is free of charge‚ÄĒdepartment only pays for the supplies and shipping costs), or if routine shipments are necessary, HSRM can provide the proper training to ensure all applicable requirements are met. If you ship dry ice, exempt patient specimens, or Category B Infectious Substances on a routine basis, an online Hazardous Materials Shipping training module is available. To request shipping services from DEHS, complete and submit either the Domestic Shipping Request Form or the International Shipping Request Form. Once the form has been submitted, HSRM will contact you to coordinate a time to schedule the shipment.

If you have questions regarding the shipment of hazardous materials, please contact DEHS at (612) 624-6870 or [email protected]