Lab Safety Plan Toolkit

The Laboratory Safety Plan (LSP) is a supplement to the UMN Chemical Hygiene Plan. It is a template for research laboratories at UMN to state their lab-specific safety policies, procedures, and documentation. This web toolkit will give you specific guidance as to the content required in an LSP and will give you resources to help you complete those sections.

Download the Lab Specific Safety Plan Template and fill in your lab-specific policies where instructed. This template can be used electronically or kept in a physical lab safety notebook binder. If you have questions regarding the sections or need additional resources, please contact your Research Safety Partner.  

Chemical Inventory

All laboratories and research facilities using hazardous chemicals beyond incidental use must establish and maintain an accurate inventory of hazardous chemicals stored and used in the laboratory. Inventories must be updated at least once per year and whenever significant changes in chemical use occur.

UMN labs must use the chemical module in Chematix, our safety management software, to track their inventory. Contact your Research Safety Partner with questions.

Document any other locations of your laboratory chemical inventory in your LSP.