Instruction Document: Reporting Theft and Loss on DEA Form 106

Prior to filing a DEA Form 106 to report theft or loss of controlled substances, please read the DEA guidance document.

The DEA Form 106 Reporting Theft or Loss of Controlled Substances is an online report form. Follow the instructions found on the DEA website.

Form 106 requires National Drug Code (NDC) numbers for the report. You can obtain the NDC number from the original bottle, if you have it. If not, the NDC number can be obtained from the University pharmacy where you purchased it. You can also obtain the NDC number via the online National Drug Code Directory.

After the Registrant has completed the Form 106 online, be sure to follow the directions on the DEA website to print a copy. File a copy of the Form 106 in the Registrant's controlled substances records.

Send one completed copy of Form 106 to:
Department of Environmental Health and Safety
501 23rd Ave SE
Mail code: 2681
[email protected]