Applying Online for DEA Registration

Start at the DEA Registration Application website

Select New Applications

Select Begin Application Process

Select Form 225 for Researchers -or- Form 224 for teaching only activities

Select correct business activity in the drop-down menu: Researcher or Teaching Institution for Form 224

Click Begin.

General Information (Page 1)

The University of Minnesota and the Minneapolis DEA office have agreed upon an address format which meets the DEA regulations and enables researchers to receive their DEA certificate(s) via U.S. mail.

To obtain the correct address format, complete page 1 as follows:

Form Requests Supplied Information
Last Name: Univ Minnesota/Dept Name, abbreviate if necessary
First Name, Middle Initial: Full name of applicant with middle initial (e.g., John Q Smith)
Additional Company Information:  
Business Address Line 1:  University U.S. mailing address**
**Examples of U.S. mailing address:
a) 420 Delaware St SE, MMC 001
b) 6-145 Jackson Hall, 321 Church St S (If necessary, abbreviate building name)
Address (Line 2)  Building name for registration (NO room number)
State:  MN
Business Phone Number: Applicant's University office phone number
Fax Number: Applicant's University fax number
Email Address: Applicant's email address
Contact Name:  Applicant's name

Check "Mailing Address" box and the rest of the form will be populated with the correct information.

Click Next

Personal Information (Page 2) 

  1. Enter University Tax ID (416007513)
  2. Check box for Certification for Fee Exemption
  3. Click Next

Personal Information (Page 3 - Fee Exempt Details) 

** Please be aware that the U of M does not pay for research DEA registration and renewals **

Complete the information:

Form Requests Supplied Information
Name of Fee Exempt Institution: University of Minnesota
Certifying Official Name: Name of Dept Head (or Dean, if dept head is applicant)
Certifying Official Title:  
Certifying Official Email:  
Certifying Official Phone Number:   

Check the box "I have read the above, and agree."

Click Next

Business Activity/Schedules

  1. Select drug schedules based on the research conducted in the building.
  2. Click Next

State Licenses

Form Requests Supplied Information
State License:  Leave blank
State Controlled Substances License: Leave blank unless the applicant has a MNBP number for this building

Click Next

Background Information

  1. Answer the four questions
  2. Click Next

Summary of Information

Review all the information and correct any errors by clicking on the Change button on the left side. When all information is correct, scroll down and click on Submit Application.

Read the next page, then print and save the receipt with the control number. You need this number if you call the DEA to check on the progress of your application.