Virtual Evaluation

For University employees working at coordinate campuses, extensions offices, or at home, the Ergonomic Program can now do an evaluation via email using digital pictures.


  1. Take photos from four different positions:
    a. On the right side while the person is seated.
    b. On the left side while the person is seated.
    c. Over the person's shoulder showing the monitor, keyboard, and mouse (pointing device).
    d. A wide-angle shot with the person not in the office.
  2. Using a scanner or digital camera software, load the photos onto your computer and save as jpegs.
  3. Open a blank Word document. Type the employee name, department address, email, phone number, and supervisor name. Press the enter key twice.
  4. In Word, choose Insert > Pictures From File. Select the photo from the file to insert it into the Word document. At the bottom of the picture, press the space bar. Press the enter key twice. Insert the second photo, and repeat until finished.
  5. Save the files as a Word document or PDF document. Email the document as an attached file to [email protected].

 Google Meet is another option for a virtual evaluation. Contact [email protected] to schedule an appointment.