Hazardous Material Inventory Requirements

A hazardous material inventory is required:

  • In any building where hazardous materials (HM) are stored or used.
  • When constructing a building containing a hazardous occupancy
  • When constructing an addition that includes a research/teaching laboratory that utilizes HM
  • When making physical alterations to any building, floor, or space utilizing HM
  • When changing or modifying any occupancy or building component where HM are present

The storage and use of HM must comply with International Building and Fire Codes maximum allowable quantities (MAQs) ensuring:

  • Building and/or system design complies with the occupancy use classification
  • The MAQs for control areas or construction limits (whichever is greatest) are not exceeded
  • Systems (electrical, fire, HVAC, or plumbing) for buildings or structures containing HM are in working order and in compliance with applicable codes and standards.