Event Requests
UMEMS team at the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum
UMEMS provides emergency medical support at special events throughout the Twin Cities Campus. Our teams supported the American Ballet Theatre's performance at the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum in July, 2021.

To request UMEMS team coverage at an event, fill out an event request form below.

Requests should be made as soon as possible; late fees will be assessed if the event is fewer than 10 business days away.

Internal Events

Internal events are those funded solely by the University of Minnesota. Internal event rates are based on expected/actual event attendance. Rates for internal events have a 4-hour minimum, with additional time billed in hourly increments. If you have questions about rates, contact UMEMS at [email protected].

External Events

These are events funded all or in part by an organization outside the University of Minnesota. New for FY 2021, external requests for small venues may be charged at a Micro or Micro-Plus rate. Please note the limitations:

FY 2024 Rates

Micro Events: (<500 attendees, small venue): $100/2 hours

Micro Events are for smaller venues such as club rooms, ballrooms, etc., with less than 500 attendees, and no increased physical risk (no athletics, acrobatics, etc.). Micro events are staffed with 1-2 EMTs and appropriate equipment. An ambulance is not available for Micro Events. All patients requiring transport will have local EMS requested by the EMT while they are providing initial care.

Micro-Plus Events: (<500 attendees, small venue): $675/3 hours

Micro Plus events are for similar venues to the Micro Event, but where either there is increased physical risk (athletics, acrobatics, etc.), or where an ambulance is requested to stand by to transport any patients only requiring Basic Life Support, or where the event coverage is requested off-campus (note we do not guarantee availability for off-campus events). Micro Plus events are staffed with 4 EMTs and an ambulance as required.

Small Events: (<7,500 attendees): $1,400/4 hours

Medium Events: (7,500-15,000 attendees): $1,800/4 hours

Large Events: (>15,000 attendees): $2,200/4 hours

For further information on EMS Event requests, contact us at [email protected].

Event Request Form

UMEMS has launched an online event request form. For most events, this form will allow you to provide all the information we need to schedule your event. If you have an event that spans more than 3 days, please also download the schedule spreadsheet so you may attach the schedule to your online request.

Event Request Form