The DEA and the University policy have specific procedures to be followed when purchasing controlled substances:

  • The Registrant must be aware of all purchases of controlled substances. Provide an initialed and dated copy of the purchase receipt to the Registrant.
  • File the purchase receipt with the Location controlled substances records.
  • Purchasing controlled substances from a centralized source is highly recommended for those on the Twin Cities campus. Boynton Pharmacy will obtain, and often stocks, the controlled substances commonly used in animal research. 

To pick up controlled substances, the pharmacy requires a copy of the DEA registration, the Authorized Users Signature Log and photo identification.     

The purchase of C-I and C-II substances requires completion of a DEA Form 222. After the DEA has approved the use of C-I or C-II controlled substances, they will send the Registrant the DEA Forms 222. After initial approval, additional Forms 222 may be requested by the Registrant from the DEA website. For further guidance on this topic, visit the Using DEA Form 222 to Order Controlled Substances web page.

When picking up controlled substances from the pharmacy, or if controlled substances are shipped to the lab, ensure they are processed as soon as possible, by:

  • Recording receipt of substances in the disposition record
  • Locking controlled substances in the safe immediately

In addition, ensure that the purchase records meet the DEA regulations by:

  • Initialing and dating purchase receipt
  • Providing a copy for Registrant’s records
  • Filing the purchase records with laboratory controlled substances records

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