Loss and Theft

Reporting a Loss

If a container of controlled substance is broken, the Registrant will document the loss in the disposition record, to include the date of the incident and the signature of a witness, if available. 

The Registrant must complete DEA Form 41 for the amount of the substance lost and write "unintentional destruction" on the form. 

The Registrant must then obtain the signatures of the person who broke the bottle and the witness (if possible) and sign the Form 41 as required.

Keep the original form with the disposition binder in your laboratory.

Reporting a Theft

If a theft is suspected, immediately notify the DEA Registrant who will notify U of MN Police, the DEA, and HSRM.

The Registrant must then complete DEA Form 106, Report of the Theft or Loss of Controlled Substances, and submit it electronically to the DEA and HSRM.

DEA Contact Information

Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA)
100 Washington Avenue South, Suite 800
Minneapolis, MN 55401
Phone: (612) 344-4128

Instruction Document: Reporting Accidental Loss on DEA Form 41
When to Use Form 106 to Report a Theft or Loss
Instruction Document: Reporting Theft and Loss on DEA Form 106