X-Ray / Accelerator Radiation Safety Training

Training must be completed and documented prior to operating any equipment that produces ionizing radiation. The Department of Radiation Safety (DRS) has produced a series of informational guides for the various types of equipment used at the University. 

All operators must also complete the online training module, Radiation Safety for Radioactive Material Users, and x-ray diffraction operators must view the video tape Double Edge Sword, available at University libraries, the Health, Safety, and Risk Management department, or at most x-ray diffraction facilities.

Initial training of operators must include the following topics:

  • Fundamentals of radiation safety
    • Methods of controlling exposure
    • Hazards of exposure
    • Characteristics of gamma radiation
    • Use of radiation survey instruments
    • Use of personal dosimeters
  • Equipment to be used
    • Operating and emergency procedures 
    • Warning lights and interlocks 
    • Hazards associated with operation
    • Inspection and maintenance of equipment
  • Symptoms of overexposure
  • Procedure for reporting actual or suspected overexposure