I Want to Report

Use the table below to find the appropriate process to file a report.

Reporting Options
Type of Report Who to Report to How to Report

Work-Related Injury or Illness

For example:

  • In the course of their work, a University employee slips on ice and is injured. 
  • While driving a University vehicle or personal vehicle for work purpose, an employee is rear ended by another car, causing injury to the University employee.
Office of Risk Management (ORM) First Report of Injury

Safety Concern or Suggestion 

For example:

  • Hazardous conditions such as broken or missing guardrails, etc.
  • Near misses or close calls which could have resulted in serious injury or property damage. 
  • Concern about employee exposures.
  • Suggestions to resolve a safety issue or improve a process.
  • Violation of OSHA regulations or policies.
Health, Safety, and Risk Management (HSRM)

Safety Concern Form

Or, call Health, Safety, and Risk Management (612) 626-6002

Property Damage OR Injuries to Non-University Employees

For example:

  • A student or visitor slips and falls in a University building and breaks their leg.
  • A tree on University property is blown down and damages the property of a homeowner.
Office of Risk Management (ORM) Bodily Injury/Property Damage Incident Report

Fleet Vehicle Accidents

For example:

  • You are driving a University department vehicle and are involved in collision with another vehicle or pedestrian.
Fleet Services Fleet Accident Report

Suspected Violations of Law, Regulation, Government Contract, Grant Requirement, or University Policy

For example: 

  • Breaches of environmental or safety laws
  • Wage, theft, benefit, or hours abuse
  • Discrimination or sexual harassment 
Office of Institutional Compliance


To access by phone, call toll-free 1-866-294-8680