Re-Inspection Fees

In certain cases a re-inspection fee may be assessed where the permit applicant has demonstrated a pattern of not having the work ready for inspection per the Minnesota State Building Code (MSBC). In those cases, as determined by the inspector, a re-inspection fee of $125 per inspection plus the cost of travel for system campuses will be assessed prior to any work continuing or subsequent inspections being performed. The following types of recurring conditions are examples of where re-inspection fees may be incurred.

  • Work site not accessible to perform inspection
  • Work to be inspected is covered
  • Permit and/or plans are not available to the inspector
  • Permit applicant is not available during the scheduled inspection
  • Permit applicant fails to cancel an inspection that is not ready
  • Required pre-testing has not been performed prior to inspection
  • Repeated failure of an inspection leading to multiple re-inspections