Emergency Procedures

Lab Emergency Preparedness Plan

The lab Emergency Preparedness Plan (EPP) provides lab occupants with room-specific instructions on what to do in case of emergency. An EPP is required to be customized based on your lab location and policies and posted near lab exits.

Lab Emergencies and Chemical Spills

Review HSRM guidance regarding Emergency Procedures and Chemical Spills for examples of where a researcher must call 911 or where a researcher can call the non-emergency number for assistance. For non-emergencies, your lab must decide what you are capable of handling. A good example would be a small spill in the lab where the chemical is not highly toxic or reactive and the spill is easily contained.

Define your lab-specific limitations for handling non-emergency incidents in your LSP.

Incident/Near Miss Reporting Expectations

Please review the UMN Injury or Illness reporting requirements on the HSRM Occupational Health – Injury or Illness webpage. An investigation of an incident or near miss should take place as soon after the incident or near miss is recognized. Inclusion of the Department Safety Officer and your Research Safety Partner is recommended.

Document your lab-specific policies on incident and near miss reporting in your LSP.

Emergency Procedure Resources: UMN Chemical Hygiene Plan – Emergency Procedures