Eyewashes and Safety Showers

Eyewashes must be readily accessible in BSL-2 and BSL-3 laboratories.

Maintenance and Testing

Eyewashes must be flushed weekly by the user to ensure that the eyewash is working and to prevent bacteria buildup. The user must post a log near the eyewash to document that it is being flushed every week. These logs are considered equipment maintenance records and therefore should be kept for 1 year. Download the eyewash record template for your lab.

Facilities Management (FM) tests showers and eyewashes annually to ensure proper functioning and flow. FM will document their testing on the tags found attached to the eyewash and/or shower. In addition, FM is responsible for repairs and installation of this equipment. Contact Facilities Management at (612) 624-2900 if the eyewash and/or shower have not been tested within the past year or if you need equipment repaired.