Human and Non-Human Primate Cells, Tissue, and Bodily Fluids

Potential Exposure Hazards

  • Bloodborne pathogens
  • Other pathogens that may be present in tissues, cells, and human derived products
  • Cells containing viral agents used for transformation
  • Self-inoculation with tumorigenic human cells
  • Unidentified viral material

Standard Practices

Performing Research

  • Handle all human and other primate cells, tissues, and human derived products with Biosafety Level 2 practices
  • Perform work in a biosafety cabinet
  • Use secondary containment for centrifugation


Training and Vaccinations

Exposure Response

  • Have all exposures (needlesticks, contamination of non-intact skin, splashes to eyes, face, and mucous membranes) evaluated by a medical professional; see the Clinical Services page for providers or the individuals may see their health care provider of choice.
  • Report all exposure incidents to your supervisor and fill out an online First Report of Injury (eFROI).
  • Fill out an IBC Incident Report if the incident occurred while working under an IBC protocol.