Food Service During Campus Emergencies

In the event of utility failure (electricity, gas, or water) where normal facility operation is compromised, food will be provided to students and staff who are unable to leave campus or housed in alternative housing. 

Food provided is subject to the following limitations:

  • Food service may continue through the regular meal time if the food was at approved temperatures at the time of power failure
  • Service will conclude within two hours of the power failure
  • Suitable single-use service utensils must be available to replace utensils that require washing
  • Potentially hazardous foods in refrigerators at 41°F or below can be safely used; however, using theses items first and as quickly as possible after power failure is required
  • Potentially hazardous foods in refrigerators and freezers at temperatures above 41°F for two or more hours must immediately be discarded
  • All required sanitation measures must be maintained as well as a temperature log for all potentially hazardous foods used during the emergency