Laboratory Employees

A laboratory employee is any person who will be actively working and conducting research in a University of Minnesota lab. Laboratory employees include: staff scientists, lab techs, postdoctoral researchers, graduate student workers, undergraduate student workers, and laboratory interns.

Employees who have significant responsibility for directing their own laboratory work are responsible for ensuring that potential hazards of specific projects have been identified and addressed before work is started. All laboratory employees however, are responsibilites to:

  • Complete required safety training
  • Read, understand, and follow all safety rules and best practices that apply to the work areas
  • Follow safe work practices applicable to the procedures being carried out
  • Actively identify, report, implement, and make suggestions for safety improvements
  • Ensure required safety precautions are in place before work is started
  • Follow University lab dress code and wear personal protective equipment required for procedures
  • Notify supervisor, safety committee member, or HSRM of any unsafe work practices, accidents, spills, or conditions that may warrant further investigation and/or monitoring