Principal Investigators/Supervisors

Immediate supervisors of laboratory employees are responsible to:

  • Ensure potential hazards of specific projects have been identified and addressed before work is started
  • Ensure effective safe operating procedures are written and followed for lab work involving high hazard materials and activities
  • Identify and provide necessary safety supplies and personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • Discuss and reinforce safe work practices and PPE use, and provide coaching and disciplinary action as necessary
  • Conduct continuous inspection of the research space under the supervisor's control, and ensure that unsafe conditions are identified and corrected
  • Ensure that all accidents, injuries, and spills are reported to HSRM as soon as possible
  • Investigate laboratory incidents, identify root causes, and implement appropriate solutions in conjunction with HSRM personnel
  • Actively participate in safety improvement efforts
  • Provide initial and annual update training for lab workers regarding lab-specific hazards in their area and associated with their work
  • Maintain documentation of initial and annual training for all laboratory personnel
  • Objectively evaluate direct reports on their safety involvement and continuous improvement efforts
  • Leave facilities and equipment in a clean and safe condition when the premises are vacated