Human Use Application and Resources

Human Use Applications often require modification to prepare them for committee review. The following people are available to help with your submission:

Dr. Bryce Armstrong, [email protected], 612-626-6764, Health Physicist, HUS Coordinator

Dr. Ngoneh Jallow, [email protected], 612-626-9523, Medical Physicist, Study Dosimetry

Brian Vetter, RSO, [email protected], 612-626-5247, Radiation Safety Officer

Points to note about Human Use Applications:

  1. Send the application (completed as far as you are able), protocol, and any consent/assent forms to the Human Use Subcommittee (HUS) Coordinator prior to submission in Ethical Oversight Submission System (ETHOS). Corrections and edits are easier to make prior to final submission. 
  2. For help with study dosimetry, contact one of the medical physicists listed as references. They will need the protocol and the application form that is completed as far as you are able. 
  3. Applications are uploaded into ETHOS for official submission to the Institutional Review Board (IRB). However, they can be reviewed by the HUS before final submission. 
  4. Applications are sent to the committee for review by email on a routine basis. Review generally takes one week. 
  5. After approval by the HUS, a memo of approval will be uploaded into ETHOS by the HUS coordinator and the ancillary review will be approved. 
  6. The HUS Coordinator will address any questions you have about your application.