Managing Radioactive Waste

The Department of Radiation Safety (DRS) establishes and ensures compliance with the required procedures for the collection, packaging, labeling, transport and disposal of radioactive waste generated within the University of Minnesota, but the DRS must rely on the accuracy and completeness of the information supplied by the labs and facilities that generate the waste.

Radioactive waste requires the same security considerations given to other radioactive materials. All individuals who use radioactive materials are responsible for the safe, secure, and proper storage of any radioactive waste until it is removed by the DRS.

The DRS will issue the appropriate waste containers and collect radioactive waste with no charge to the generator. The only exception to this may occur when radioactive material is combined with other chemically hazardous waste making disposal options limited and costly.

Remember, an accurate, up-to-date inventory is required for all radioactive materials. This includes the radioactive waste. As with all safe handling and record keeping requirements, be sure to check with your lab manager or program director about specific radioactive waste policies and procedures used in your work area.

Submit all radioactive material waste requests online using the radioactive materials inventory and permit management system, SafetyStratus.