Ordering Isotopes and Managing Inventory

The University of Minnesota has a centralized program for the ordering and receipt of radioactive materials. Having a centralized ordering program managed by the Department of Radiation Safety (DRS) enables the University to obtain price reductions on the cost of commonly used radioisotopes and radiolabeled chemicals, and it ensures compliance with state and federal regulations regarding inventory control of radioactive materials.

Orders of radioactive material are placed through the Department of Radiation Safety (DRS), and on a daily basis the DRS submits purchase orders to the various vendors that supply radioactive materials.

Submit all radioactive materials orders online using the radioactive materials inventory and permit management system, IsoTrack.

Check with your lab supervisor or program manager for specific instructions on ordering procedures, and to see if your department has established additional internal procedures for the authorization or submission of radioactive material orders to the DRS.

Use of radioactive material is managed in the IsoTrack system. This provides an accurate record of all stock material and its use.