SafetyStratus Support: Create or Modify a Group

Logging Into SafetyStratus

SafetyStratus Login

Create or Modify a Group

When a New Lab or Worksite is created, we will need to create a corresponding Group in SafetyStratus. Please use the directions provided by SafetyStratus to set up this space. 

SafetyStratus Group Guide

Note: we generally set our Inspection Template Schedules at the “Group Type” level, and not at the individual Group. Please contact your SafetyStratus Super User for guidance on which Group Type to use, or when to use individual template inspection schedules.

Note: we MUST have at least 1 person on a group roster with the “Principal Investigator” role, and at least 1 person with the “Location Manager” role. This can be the same person.

After we complete setting up the group, we will need to configure it’s first scheduled inspection. To set up that date, use the following instructions.

Set First Inspection Date

  1. On the Left Navigation under “Inspections”, click on “Pending Inspections”.

  2. Use the Filters to Find your pending Inspection.

  3. In the table, click on “Edit” in the rightmost column.

    SafetyStratus Pending Inspections page showing edit button
  4. Change the “Due Date” to the appropriate date.

  5. Click “Update”.

    SafetyStratus Edit screen for pending inspections showing calendar to set due date