SafetyStratus Support: Perform an Inspection

Logging Into SafetyStratus

SafetyStratus Login

Starting Your Inspection

To begin your inspection, follow the instructions below to access the inspection template. Choose the instructions on the tabs below based on whether your inspection is scheduled or unscheduled. 

Unscheduled Inspection

On the Left Navigation, under “Inspections”, click on “New Inspection”

Wait a few moments for the word “ - select - “ to appear in the dropdown, then choose the area you would like to inspect. This can be a Group (Lab, Workplace, etc) or a particular room.

Location screen showing drop-down menu

After confirming the space to be inspected, click “Confirm Selection”.

Scheduled Inspection

On the Left Navigation, under “Inspections”, click on “Pending Inspections”.

Navigate to either Room or Group Inspection from the menu near the top of the screen, depending on what is being inspected.

Find the Inspection you are looking for using filters provided, then click “Start” on the rightmost column of the table.

Pending Inspections screen showing button for specific inspection

Entering Inspection Information

Confirm that the Inspection Date, Inspection Type, Department, and Roster look correct.

Settings screen showing inspection information with Start Inspection button identified

Click on “Start Inspection” in the upper right corner of the screen. From here, you will answer the Inspection Questions.

Questions screen for inspection


Note: Make sure to use the “Category” dropdown near the top of the page to navigate to each Category within the Inspection Template.

Category drop-down

When a corrective action is required, you will be prompted for more information.

More information screen for corrective action


Completing Your Inspection

When you have completed the inspection, click on “Complete Inspection” in the upper right of the screen. Click “Complete” when the confirmation box appears.

Completion confirmation screen

If you are unable to complete an inspection and need to revisit it later, use the “Save and Exit” option in the upper right of the screen. You can then continue this inspection under the “Continue an Inspection” option on the Left Navigation.