How to Wear Your Dosimeter

It's important to wear your dosimeter in the correct location, and each time you use or are around radiation sources. Below are the recommended locations to wear your dosimeter

Torso (TR) or Whole Body (WB)

torso or whole body

Without a lead apron: anywhere between the collar and waist (within the dotted lines on the visual).

With a lead apron: anywhere between the collar and waist, underneath the lead apron.


collar dosimeter

Without a lead apron: on either side of the collar 

With lead apron: on the outside of the apron, on either side of the collar


fetal dosimeter

Without lead apron: at the waistline

With lead apron: at the waistline, underneath the lead apron

If you normally are assigned a dosimeter, wear the regular dosimeter like normal. 


hand with dosimeter ring

A ring dosimeter should be worn on your dominant hand, that is directly manipulating or closest to the radiation source. 

The label on the ring dosimeter should be facing the radiation source so it is visible on the inside of the hand (i.e. palm side).