Aspergillus ochraceus

Growth Media

Found in grains, soil, and salted food (15). It is not usually associated with decaying vegetation (5).

Potential Toxin Production

Can produce a kidney toxin ochratoxin A which may produce ochratoxicosis in humans (15). This is also known as Balkan nephropathy (1). The toxin is produced at optimum growth conditions at 25°C and high moisture conditions. The ochratoxin may also be produced by other Aspergillus spp. and Penicillium spp. (1). Other toxins which can be produced by this fungus include penicillic acid, xanthomegnin, and viomellein (5). These are all reported to be kidney and liver toxins (5).

Spore Size

Conidia dimensions 25-3 microns (5).

Water Activity

0.77 (5).