SafetyStratus Support: Update Group Rosters
  1. On the Left Navigation under “Administration”, click on “Data Manager”
  2. On the top navigation, click on “Groups”
  3. Use the Filters to locate your Group. In the table below, click on “View” in the right-most column.
    Groups section of Data Manager section identifying Groups and View options
  4. Find the area labeled “Inspection Roster”. Click on the Pencil Icon to the right of this area to edit the Inspection Roster.
    Inspection roster and pencil icon for editing identified for a lab
  5. Adding a User
    1. In the Select User box, start typing their name or email.
    2. Select their name from the dropdown directly below the text field.
    3. Click “Add to Roster” directly below the dropdown list.
    4. Click “Save Changes” when finished.
  6. Adding a Role to a User
    1. To the right of their name will be a dropdown list. Click on the down-arrow, and select the correct role.
    2. If a user has more than one role, click on the “+” Icon to the right of the dropdown.
    3. Click “Save Changes” when finished.
  7. Removing a User
    1. Click on the red “x” icon to the left of their name.
    2. Click “Save Changes” when finished.
Completed screen for adding a user