Centrifuge Maintenance

Moisture, chemicals, strong cleaning agents, and other substances can promote corrosion of centrifuge parts and cause centrifuge failure. The following are general maintenance recommendations:

  • Follow manufacturer instructions for maintenance and cleaning.
  • Keep the centrifuge clean and dry. 
  • Cleanup all non-infectious spills immediately. For infectious spills see Centrifuge Emergency Procedures.
  • Decontaminate the rotor after use with biological or radioactive materials. Use 10% bleach for 30 minutes followed by 70% ethanol and let air dry to clean rotors and cups. 
  • Never clean rotors and associated parts with abrasive wire brushes. 
  • Store the rotor upside down in a dry place, with lids or plugs removed to prevent condensation. 
  • Remove adapters after use and inspect for corrosion. 
  • Inspect rotor regularly. Remove rotors from use that show any sign of defect, and report it to a manufacturer's representative for inspection.

Maintaining a Log Book:

To avoid rotor failure, keep a log book for high speed rotors recording the length of time and speed for each use. Track and discard rotors according to the manufacturer's recommended schedule.