Centrifuge Emergency Procedures

Emergency Situations

The following events are considered an emergency:

  • If there is a spill in the centrifuge
  • If centrifuge malfunctions
  • If there is a rotor failure
  • If there is a tube breakage

Emergency Procedures

  • Turn centrifuge off immediately and close the centrifuge lid
  • Notify others
  • Evacuate the lab
  • Close the lab door
  • Post a biohazard spill sign at the lab door
  • Leave for 30-minutes to reduce the risk of aerosols. 
  • For spill cleanup, the operator must wear proper gloves, remove debris, clean and disinfect centrifuge interior, rotors, safety cups or buckets following the manufacturer's instructions
  • Place any contaminated protective clothing, gloves, and all cleanup materials in a biohazard bag
  • Wash hands and any exposed skin surfaces with soap and water
  • Seek medical attention as necessary
  • Report incidents to P.I. or lab supervisor and Health, Safety, and Risk Management (HSRM). Call Biosafety Officer (612) 626-6002 for assistance