4.2 Documentation

All Training Must be Documented

For Health, Safety, and Risk Management online training, documentation will be automatically entered into an employee's record. If you receive in-person training from HSRM staff, confirm with your trainer that documentation will be entered into your record.

For Lab-Specific Training, here are some options for documentation:

  • Your lab can use the Lab-Specific Safety Training Record 
  • Use a cover sheet with topics covered and a sign-in sheet
  • PowerPoint slides print out along with a sign-in sheet
  • Date and sign SOPs you have written up for your lab

Be specific in what topics were covered in your lab-specific training, date everything, and make sure everybody signs the sign-in sheet.

Your training history is contained in in UM Reports (employee ID number is needed): To view, log in to UM Reports and type "Training History" in the “Search Reports" bar to locate your record.


Training Recordkeeping