2.2 Hygiene Practices

Eating, drinking, applying cosmetics, and chewing gum are all strictly prohibited in any laboratory with chemical, biological, or radioactive materials. Researchers must also be careful to restrict other actions (such as applying lip balm, rubbing eyes, or using personal electronics such as cell phones) which could inadvertently cause exposure to research materials.

Consuming alcohol or taking illegal drugs in a research laboratory are strictly prohibited as such actions potentially endanger the health and safety of not only the user, but everyone in the building. Infractions will be met with serious disciplinary action.

Long pants/skirts and closed toe/heel shoes are required in all areas where hazardous materials are stored and used. Exposed skin should be minimized, especially when working with hazardous material.

Long hair, loose clothing, and jewelry should be confined especially when working in areas that contain rotating machinery or around open chemical containers. Loose clothing can be secured by putting on a tighter fitting coverall or lab coat.

Synthetic clothing should be avoided, especially around flammables. A flame resistant hood can be added if using a cotton religious garment is not an option.

Important Notes Regarding Personal Protective Equipment

Before leaving the laboratory, remove lab personal protective equipment/clothing (gloves, lab coat, etc.) and wash hands thoroughly. Do NOT wear laboratory gloves, lab coats, or scrubs in public spaces such as hallways, elevators, or cafeterias.


Laboratory Housekeeping Fact Sheet
Proper Lab Attire Fact Sheet