2.10 Recordkeeping

A. Exposure evaluation 
Any records of exposure evaluation carried out by individual departments (including continuous monitoring systems) will be kept within the department and also sent to HSRM. Results of exposure evaluations carried out by HSRM will be kept by HSRM and sent to the affected department. Raw data will be kept for one year and summary data for the term of employment plus 30 years.

B. Medical consultation and examination 
Results of medical consultations and examinations will be kept by the University’s Occupational Health provider for a length of time specified by the appropriate medical records standard. This time will be at least the term of employment plus 30 years as required by OSHA.

C. Training  
Web-based training and many in-person training sessions for employees are tracked electronically in the University’s learning management system. Paper records are still acceptable, and must include the name and title of the trainer, the trainee(s), the date, and the content of the training. Training records must be kept in an individual's department or college for five years. Training records for laboratory volunteers must also be maintained for at least five years. Hard copy and/or electronic forms must be available in the event of an audit by the University Audit Department or state or county regulators. See Chapter 4.2 Documentation for more information.

D. Fume hood monitoring 
Data on annual fume hood monitoring will be kept by Health, Safety, and Risk Management. Fume hood monitoring data are considered maintenance records and as such the raw data will be kept for one year and summary data for 5 years.

E. Eyewash Records 
Eyewash user logs should be kept for one 1 year. An eyewash fact sheet, including a sample log, can be found online.

F. Laboratory audits and reports 
Departmental Safety Officers coordinate and/or conduct formal audits of laboratories in their sphere of responsibility, annually or bi-annually depending on level of risk. Risk levels are made in collaboration with your HSRM Research Safety Professional. A self-inspection checklist is available on the HSRM website. Checklists and/or electronic inspection reports should be kept for at least 5 years.

G. Accident investigation reports 
In the case of an accident, departmental Safety Officers work with HSRM Research Safety Professionals, PIs and researchers to complete the Accident Investigation Form. Reports should be kept for at least 5 years.