8.3.3 Hazardous Waste Labeling

All chemical waste, regardless of where it is stored or how it is managed, must be properly labeled as soon waste is added to a container. All chemical waste containers must be labeled and clearly marked with:

  • The words “Hazardous Waste”
  • An accurate description of the waste (e.g., Halogenated Waste: Dichloromethane 60%, Chloroform 30%, Water 10%)
  • The primary hazard(s) present in the waste (e.g., Poison, Flammable)
  • The date that waste was initially added to a container (start date)

Chemical constituents should be listed completely; do not use chemical formulae or abbreviations on chemical waste labels. Listing accurate percentages is not as important as listing all the chemicals that makeup the waste. For example, ± 5% concentration is acceptable and constituents less than 1% can be listed as “trace”. The label that HSRM provides for proper identification of hazardous waste is shown in Figure 8.4. Contact HSRM to receive Hazardous Waste Disposal labels free of charge (612) 626-1604 or [email protected]. Additionally, the online Chematix waste inventory system allows for waste labels, referred to as “Waste Cards”, to be printed once waste has been created in the system (Figure 8.5). Detailed information regarding the Chematix waste inventory system is detailed in Section 8.4.1.

Completed Yellow Hazardous Waste Label
Figure 8.4: Hazardous Waste Label
Chematix Hazardous Waste Label
Figure 8.5: Chematix Hazardous Waste Label

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